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    Taipei Municipal 25-lamp vehicle-oriented guideboard has won customers’ satisfaction

    Taipei Municipal 25-lamp vehicle-oriented guideboard has won customers’ satisfaction

    I. The Taipei City Municipal 25-lamp vehicle-oriented brand has won the satisfaction of customers:
    Today, a set of pictures sent by Mr. Zhang from the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Taipei City Government expressed that he was very satisfied with our 25-lamp car-guided sign, brightness and other aspects have reached their expected results, and expressed that they are willing to continue with us Cooperation. This batch of products is a relatively good product sold by our company-25-light car guide sign. In addition, according to customer needs, a yellow flashing warning light is especially installed at the lower left of the guide sign, so as to enhance the safety reminder effect.

    Second, the special features of the Taipei Municipal 25-lamp vehicle-oriented sign:
    In order to avoid operational risks and reduce the safety hazards of road traffic on construction vehicles, the Engineering Department of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Taipei City Government will purchase the 25-vehicle car guide plates from us and install them mainly on construction vehicles to remind passing vehicles to slow down. Pay attention to avoid. So as to better serve to warn pedestrians and vehicles.
    At the beginning of production, Mr. Zhang made a special request to us: that is, these batches of 25-lamp car-oriented signs should have a good warning function. Our technical department is aimed at customer needs and familiarity with products. Therefore, Two yellow warning lights were added to the side of this batch of 25-light car guide signs. When our car guide signs are working, the yellow warning lights will also emit yellow lights, which can enhance the reminder effect.
    Through communication with Mr. Zhang, in the end Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with our suggestions and expressed his gratitude to our technical profession!
    3. Features of 25-lamp vehicle-oriented brand:
    Pre-factory test of 25-lamp on-board guidance card
    The 1.25 lamp vehicle-mounted guide plate is mainly used for engineering vehicles, municipal vehicles, garbage trucks, etc. Using Taiwan Epistar lamp beads, super bright, 100-type L lamp tube arrangement, each lamp tube has 15 lamp beads, super high brightness, good visual effect.
    2. The outer shell is aluminum, and the outer shell is aluminum. It is fully enclosed, all-weather, weatherproof, and has good oxidation resistance. The equipment will not fade or rust during use.
    2. Completely waterproof: the surface of the product is connected with waterproof glue on the junction between the display and the cabinet to improve the waterproof performance of the product
    3. Strict aging: the aging is verified 24 hours before the product is shipped, and the performance is more superior!
    4. Display mode: There are four display modes, namely full light, left arrow, right arrow, straight line
    The controller of the 5.25 lamp vehicle-mounted guide plate is installed inside the cab, which is more convenient for the construction personnel to operate.
    Shenzhen Weimeimei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Weimeimei high-quality traffic light products supplier, manufacturer!

    4. Installation instructions for 25-lamp vehicle-guided sign:
    Installation effect of vehicle-oriented guide plate
    The installation method of the 25-lamp car guide plate can be customized, and the commonly used one is the hoop installation.
    Hoop installation:
    1. The first kind: If your car does not have pillars, you can install the bracket bar as shown in the picture on the left, and fix the guide plate on the bracket bar with a screw. Fix the guide plate on the support bar with a screw. (First put the screw into the aluminum groove of the guide brand, and then pass the screw through the hole of the bracket bar, sleeve the shrapnel, gasket, nut, and then tighten the nut).
    2. The second type: install three L-shaped brackets on the roof at appropriate positions, install three aluminum strips on the three L-shaped brackets respectively, punch holes in the aluminum strips aligned with the L-shaped brackets, and then put Fix it on the L-shaped bracket (first thread the screw through the aluminum bar and the hole on the L-shaped bracket, sleeve the shrapnel, washer, nut, and tighten the nut).
    3. The third kind: install two aluminum strips directly on the roof of the car, punch two holes in the appropriate position of the aluminum strip to install the aluminum strip on the car, fix the aluminum strip with screws, and then use the hoop for the guide Fixed on the aluminum strip. Pass the end of the screw rod with the nut through the aluminum groove on the back of the guide plate, and then align the hoop around the aluminum bar and the screw on the aluminum groove, that is, put the holes at both ends of the hoop into the aluminum bar Screw the shrapnel, washer and nut on the screw and tighten.
    In addition to the 25-lamp car-guided signage, Vimee also produces other traffic lights:
    1. Motorized traffic lights
    2. Arrow traffic lights
    3. Integrated signal light
    4. Intelligent traffic signal, etc.



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