What is the structure of the super large radar speed measuring screen on the highway?

Super-large radar speed measuring screen structure for expressway-display screen:


Super-large radar speed measuring screen for highways. This is a radar speed measuring screen with a very tall display screen that we made recently. Let’s talk about a structure of this product. First, this product consists of three parts. The first one is the top display part, then your speed will be displayed through the display to show this speed. In this case, then its effect will be clearer, farther and brighter. , And the range and text it can display will be more intuitive and clear.


Super-large radar speed measuring screen structure for expressway-speed display:
The super large radar speed measuring screen on highway, the second part is its speed display part, then the top display screen is to display text warning function, the lower part is really true, and it directly displays your speed very accurately, which means you If the speed of the vehicle is within a certain range, it can display green, then when it exceeds this certain range, it can display red and can flash the effect, through a digital feedback of the super large radar speed screen of the highway, it is correctly reminded Drivers and friends should not drive too fast, and they should pay great attention to safety. This is the purpose of this screen.


Super-large radar speed measuring screen structure of expressway-base:
The third part of the super large radar speed measuring screen of highway is its base part, that is to say, its support part. When we were making this highway radar speed screen, we went to the site to learn about a wind direction on the highway and the highest wind speed in normal times, and we learned about a landform of this place based on this situation. Then we made a Very in-depth understanding, then this product. The part of the rod is very large, we made a rod of 160mm, and its thickness is very thick, just such a rod has a weight of 98 kg, so through such a supporting rod, The highway radar speed measurement screen can be installed on the highway more safely and stably, making the effect more intuitive and durable.


Super large radar speed measuring screen for highway Shenzhen manufacturer:
The expressway super-large radar speed measuring screen special car directly reaches the customer. Shenzhen VDM Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale traffic display production factory. In order to make the goods better, in order to make the service better, we directly use the goods The special car model is delivered directly to the customer. Although the customer did not say that we should send the special car, he needs us to send the logistics, but we will provide the service to the extreme. This is what our beauty beauty should do attentively for customers Do some happy services that he did not expect.


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